Dens Safari Tour and Transfers is a Zambian based Tour Operator owned by native Zambians who created it with the vision of sharing the wonders of Zambia with those who are eager to explore some of the world’s most magnificent areas that combine pristine natural beauty, incredible wildlife, cultural diversity, and remote, unspoiled, and untamed wilderness within your budget. The team will educate you about Zambian culture, community, wildlife, and assist you in planning your perfect African adventure.

Dens Safari Tour and Transfers offers a wide range of wildlife adventures in the world famous Luangwa, Lower Zambezi, Kafue and North Luangwa National Parks as well as Victoria Falls. We traverse several other less traveled parks through Zambia. Road Transfers is our core business, covering every part of the country including neighboring countries where you will feel at ease with a trusted source to transition smoothly between countries.

Kafue National Park
Liuwa Plain National Park
Lumangwe Falls
South Luangwa National Park
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We provide scheduled and unscheduled individual and group tours, road transfers, as well as customized itineraries to create the perfect African dream tour for YOU. Whether you’re planning the perfect honeymoon, a once in a lifetime African adventure, the ultimate African safari, a community volunteer and travel experience, or a unique family vacation, Zambia offers it all.

We welcome you to Zambia, the cradle of humanity, where you can experience and explore the wonder and beauty of some of the world’s most unique creations.”