Responsible Toursim

Dens Safari Tour & Transfers prides itself on being a conservation based company. We only send clients to areas that are responsibly most importantly, by traveling to these areas you are helping to patron their conservation efforts. We use Responsible Tourism as a Sustainable Development tool for the people by benefiting local communities and visitors, through sharing and mutual understanding, empowerment and sustainable partnerships.

As well as working closely with responsible companies who are forward-thinking in their operations, we actively support a number of community and tourism related projects:

We believe a little help in the right direction is often better than a big push in the wrong one. We have also been involved in some larger support the school with school equipment, sports shirts, second hand clothing .Our clients are welcome to donate anything either direct to the community school or to us

This Year we plan to arrange an Educational tour to the GRI ELEPHANT OPHANGE and surrounding attractions. Most of the children have never been on an Adventure before; all the children will receive a photo album of their adventure after the trip.


School Equipment: We are looking at distributing school equipment packs to local community schools. Donations such as Exercise book (100 pages, square ruled), plastic folder, pencils, pencil sharpener, eraser, ruler, packet of crayons (usually 12 crayons in each packet) or packet of coloured pencils

General items such as boxes of plain paper (white A4 photocopier type), card of various colours, paints and brushes, ballpoint pens, encyclopaedia, books, dictionaries, educational posters and additional crayons and coloured pencils are welcome too

OLD or New Computers: Many children in the communities have never had access to a computer. When we talk to the teachers in these community schools the one thing that they are desperate for is computers. Just last Year school children had to write their IT Exams at last as midnight due to limited number of computers in Schools

responsible tourism with school


We will only introduce our clients to areas where the community welcomes them and where there is positive impact on visits to such communities.

Our guides will help you understand the local custom and norms, and to interact on a more personal level with the communities. By learning some of the local language our clients can have a more positive impact on the community, and leave a more favourable view of tourists in general.

  • We encourage our clients to contribute to community development projects we recommend based on identified programs, rather than distributing items and gifts randomly. This is to ensure that the people you wish to help directly benefit from any gifts or donations you make to them.
  • Try to be as inoffensive as possible by taking into consideration dress codes.
  • Couples should try not to be over-amorous in public; be sensitive to local cultures.
  • Always ask before you take photographs of local people and please respect their privacy, as you would like others to respect yours.
  • Try to learn simple words or phrases in a local language to reflect your interest – this is very much appreciated by local people and you will enjoy the experience.
  • Maintain a level of respect and tolerance when on holiday – you will better enjoy the experience and your patience will be rewarded.


  • Do not purchase products that may endanger the survival of an animal by encouraging the destruction of a species for souvenirs such as ivory, skins or other wildlife products.
  • Visit and support local conservation and community projects. This provides valuable funding for projects and enables the local community to improve their standard of living through developing infrastructure and services.
  • Do not give money to beggars and do not hand out sweets to children on the roadside. Instead make a resolution that you will contribute to a local school, village or health project before you leave Africa and this will be money well spent (this is obviously at your discretion and only if you wish to do so).
responsible toursim building