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Traditionally the Chewa people have practiced the Chinamwali puberty rites, the Gule Wamukulu or Nyau masquerade dances. The Kulamba ceremony has gained significance after Zambia’s independence and is now synonymous with Chewa identity and unity.

The aim of Kulamba Ceremony is to thank the Creator and to give tribute and an annual account of the people under their charge to the rule of the supreme leader, the Kanga Gawa Undi.



Held every last Saturday of August (570) km from Lusaka to Katete – about 6 hours drive)
  • Day 1:

 Arrive at Lusaka International Airport and be driven to either a hotel or lodge. Rest in the afternoon (depending on what time you flew into Lusaka) you take a tour of Lusaka visiting the National Museum, the Chilenje house where the country’s founding father Dr. Kenneth D. Kaunda resided and directed the independence struggle. Visit the markets and compounds and see how the ordinary Zambian people live.

  • Day 2:

Depart hotel for Katete. It takes approximately 7hrs including stop over on a fairly good road to reach Katete.

On the way visit the chinyunyu hot spring and the Mchinga escarpment commonly known as “manenekela” admire and buy some authentic Zambian crafts at Luangwa Bridge.

  • Day 3:

After an early breakfast we leave for the main arena to watch the Kulamba ceremony. The Kulamba traditional ceremony is a traditional practice of paying annual tribute to Kalonga Gawa Undi the king of the Chewe people whose kingdom stretches into the neighbouring countries such as Malawi and Mozambique.

The traditional chiefs from the neighboring countries under the Kalonga Gawa Undi also annually come to this ceremony to submit social and economic reports over their areas.

  • Day 4:

After breakfast, visit the Royal grave of the Chewa chiefs and thereafter depart for Chipata to visit the Katolola rock paintings, spend a night in Chipata.

  • Day 5:

Leave for Lusaka

  • Day 6:

After breakfast transfer to the airport onward destination